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Antalya Airport Transfer | Antalya - Alanya Transfer


Welcome you to one of the market cheapest airport shuttle service to and from Antalya International Airport in a safe and comfortable ride with safety, One-class service and comfort as the first priority.

We offer transfer to the lowest price in the marked, from only 15 Euro each person one way (minimum price 60 Euro each way for the car)

Norwegian Transfer can offer you:

A safe, comfortable and safety ride.
Cars with air-conditioning.
Vip transport with one of our minibuses.
Opportunities to purchase refreshments.
Online updates on arrivals and departures.
Booking via mobile phone.
7 seat and 13 seat minibuses.
In the event of delays in the flight, we wait
until you have arrived at no additional cost in the price.

Why choose Norwegian Transfer and how we work:

When you arrive at Antalya International Airport and exits from the airport, one of our friendly drivers will meet you with a sign Norwegian Transfer. The driver will lose you to the buss and transport you in a safe and comfortable ride to your residence.

antalya airport transfer
13 seats minibuses
antalya - alanya transfer
Comfort and safety in 1 class
alanya transfer
7 seats minibuses
Antalya airport vip transfer
Desire for private transport "VIP" please ask for price.
When you are going on return trip the driver will pick you up at at the specified location and the stated time and transport you to Antalya International Airport again.

Norwegian Transfer's drivers have live updates on all flight times so if there would be delays so our drivers will always be present when you arrive at no extra cost.

For thought for all.

Turkish authorities will intensify throughout 2011 the hunt for illegal transporters involved in the illegal transport to and from Antalya airport. Already at the beginning of February, there were six checks to Antalya Airport. There are very strict rules and laws in the running of transport in Turkey.
All transfer cars will be stopped and checked, and you're going to have company with legal assurances in order, as well as all transfer paperwork in order.

A consequence when one is stopped is that the car gets driving ban and the occupants must leave the car. That there are many those will miss there plane, yes without a doubt.

Insurance rules are clear in Turkey. You have for example not allowed borrowing a car from a Turkish friend, should it happen accidentally as you get all the blame yourself. Tenants on the other hand a car from a company that has all the insurance papers in order is there no problem.

The same applies with the transfer. Many have made ​​their deals with local caretakers and friends. Should the accident happen, May your insurance does not cover some of the damage you possibly had. You may have to pay the bill for the rest of your life.
The driver is of course free and without obligation. It is you who remain.
Laws and rules are probably different in Turkey than in Scandinavia, and those who have a legal transfer companies must have insurance on the car, legal documents, insurance on driver and not least insurance for every single seat in the car. These are large sums of money.

So imagine the next time you go out and travel. The price is the same from the caretaker as at us. Should the accident happen then you're insured with Norwegian Transfer, not with those who driving illegal.

What if you do not catch the plane since you get stopped in traffic control?

Welcome to the Norwegian Transfer. We transport you in safety, comfort and service. We have all the papers in order.

Welcome to the Norwegian Transfer

Your carrier in Turkey

We recommend all our customers to use seat belts for everyone's safety, even on short trips. Remember there are many who love you.

We offer child seats at no extra charge. Remember to order extra equipment at least 24 hours before arrival or departure.

We take no extra charge for luggage. Bring plenty of extra lot of luggage or stroller so please specify when ordering.

Remember travel insurance when traveling abroad.

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